About us

Ametour also known as Amsterdam Electric Tours is a young company in Amsterdam founded by a young entrepreneur who wanted to create a new experience for tourists in Amsterdam: Provide an environment friendly way to visit the city which lets you feel as mobile as on a bike but without the effort of cycling. It’s also safer and easier to ride than a scooter.

The company uses brand new PT, lead small tours, has great guides, so that you can get personal care, and enjoy much more the tour and end up with an awesome experience.In August 2015, Ametour also became the biggest importer of PT High-tech in the Netherlands.

The PT uses a gyroscoop that autostabilize the balance, it is therefore almost not possible to fall during the driving if you ride the device as is supposed to. 


First, the PT can save your time in the traffic. Since it is small, it can easily avoid traffic jams. 
Second, it is an environmentally friendly mean of transportation since it only uses electric as power. 
Third, its colorful and fashionable appearance makes you unique in the crowd.             

Saves your time and energy.